In-vitro Skin Technology

After decades of animal testing, it has been shown that animal models are not the perfect model for dermo-cosmetics testing. This is because most of these animals do not accurately depicts the structure of human skin. Incorporating 3D Organoid technology with Serum-free culturing system, we have successfully created an in vitro human skin equivalents/model suitable for cosmetic product testing.


The models offer various advantages such as:

   1. Closely resembles an actual human skin (made up of human cells and not animal cells)

   2. Suitable for R&D projects as it can last for a few months

   3. Ethical and Aligned to Cosmetic Directive


Our in-vitro skin testing include and not limited to :

   1. Wound Healing

   2. Whitening & Pigmentation Study

   3. Barrier Function

   4. Dermal tissue function

   5. Anti-Aging

   6. Toxicity and Sensitisation

   7. Protection against external stressor

   8. Adipose Tissue Function

   9. Customisable study design


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