Ex-vivo ASIAN Human Skin

ASIAN Ex-vivo human skin explant model can serve as pre-clinical testing and can be used for claim efficacy study. This platform is especially suitable for skin absorption study (OECD TG 428) .


DeNova’s Human skin explants are collected fresh and provide the closest resemblance of an actual human skin for testing of cosmetic product. This skin possess an active enzymatic and metabolic activity with physiological pH. This platform provide a strong indication on products performance and efficacy on Asian Skin type.


Our ex-vivo skin testing include and not limited to :

   1. Whitening & Pigmentation Study

   2. Barrier Function 3. Anti-Aging Study

   4. Dermal tissue function

   5. Toxicity

   6. Protection against external stressor

   7. Skin absorption study

   8. Absorption depth study

   9. Adipose Tissue Function

   10. Customisable study design

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